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A history of the Greenwich Blue Coat Schools

1700 ~ 2014
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The Federation between Blackheath Bluecoat School and St Cecilia’s Wandsworth came to end in July 2012 upon the retirement of Jeffrey Risbridger. Barnaby Ash, who had been associate headteacher at Blackheath Bluecoat became the substantive headteacher. The federation had been a great success and the school was in a strongly improving position, despite the pressure of the looming closure in 2014. There was a strong Senior Leadership Group with a dedicated staff who were determined to see the improvements maintained and continued.

Ofsted visit - May 2013

A team of Ofsted inspectors visited the school from 8 9 May 2013. The conclusion they came to was that “This is a good school”.

“Students are thriving because they are well known as individuals and given the
right amount of support they need to achieve well.”

“Since the previous inspection, students’ GCSE attainment has improved
significantly each year because of the increasingly rapid progress they make, including in English and mathematics.”

“Much of the teaching throughout the school is good with some that is outstanding.”

“Students behave well in lessons and they are considerate of others around the school.”

“The good sixth form assists students in preparing well for the future.”

“Students feel safe and happy in school, largely as a result of good, mutually respectful relationships with one another and with staff who provide good quality care for students from all backgrounds and circumstances.”

“The school is well led. Senior Leaders and the governing body have ensured that all within the school remain sharply focused on improving students’ achievement…”

Summary of Ofsted report

This is a magnificent outcome for our school, and a real validation of all the hard work that has gone into improving the life chances of young people here since the previous inspection in June 2010. Given our present circumstances as a result of the proposed closure, it is very poignant for us to be graded as “Good” in every aspect, including overall effectiveness, on what was two very normal school days. Although this marvellous outcome will not change the Council’s decision in relation to closing the school, it does, of course, make you wonder why a ‘Good’ school is being closed, especially as it is the only Church of England secondary school in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

The headteacher wrote . . .

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